We specialise in providing accessible, affordable and flexible support so that you can better manage your emotional health. We offer to a range of evidence-based psychological therapies tailored to your needs and specific treatment goals.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
CBT is an evidence-based treatment for common mental health problems. It is a structured and goal-orientated approach to help you understand what keeps problems going, and apply recognised techniques and strategies to improve your sense of well-being. CBT is done with you, not to you - collaboration is really important - and to get the most from the process, there is an expectation that work is done between sessions to make the most of this opportunity for change. What to expect… Based upon an initial profile discussion, an assessment is arranged in the first instance where we will jointly map out the problem areas and identify therapy goals. One at a time appointments… Whilst we might agree that several sessions could be required, we do not expect you to commit to a set number of appointments. Programmes have a typical duration of between four and ten sessions (based on previous clients’ experiences) but it is not our expectation that you commit to this. Appointments are booked one at a time, to suit your needs. Treatment needs to have sufficient duration to make an impact, and for that impact to be maintained for lasting change; you are advised to consider the level of commitment that you are able to make. (See also Single-Session Intensive CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Coaching)
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