Submitting Clinical Questionnaires 

An overview of frequently used forms, and how to fill them in

Using clinical questionnaires as part of your therapy

The following questionnaires help us to understand not only the severity of your symptoms, but the different components of your symptoms.

On occasions it is a requirement of funding to complete these measures on a regular (usually weekly) basis; we thank you for your co-operation in completing these questionnaires prior to your scheduled appointments.

Responses will be discussed with you as part of the agenda of your appointment.

Patient Health Questionnaire 9 (PHQ9) is a multiple-choice, self-report inventory that measures the severity of depressive symptoms using a Likert scale (0-3).

It can be used to make a tentative diagnosis, primarily however it is used to monitor changes in symptoms; these changes help us to understand what makes things better or worse, and what areas should be targeted in treatment.

As with all clinical measures, the results are referred to within a stepped care model to ensure that the level of treatment provided is appropriate to the severity of symptoms. 

Generalised Anxiety Disorder questionnaire (GAD7) has seven self-reporting questions that measure the overall severity and aspects of anxiety using a Likert scale (0-3).

It provides a reliable screening for generalised anxiety and can help us to understand the parts of anxiety that makes life feel difficult.

You may also be asked to complete a disorder-specific questionnaire if your anxiety is linked to certain triggers (eg health anxiety, social anxiety).

Work and Social Adjustment Scale (WSAS) rates the impact of poor mental health on your ability to function at work, in the home, in social situations, and in private leisure activities (eg your hobbies). The self-reporting form uses a Likert scale of 0-8.

This outcome measure indicates the degree of functional impairment rather than providing a diagnosis; the responses can be used to focus treatment on making positive changes in how you live your life.