Consultancy and Training

Supporting you to support others, bringing our wealth of training and treatment experience to your door 

We are proud to work with local organisations to improve staff wellbeing as well as increase the organisation’s ability to promote better mental health to their customers and service users.

Bespoke training content is built upon needs analysis and delivered in a meaningful, practical way – to suit your requirements and your budget.

Psychologically Healthy Workforce

These sessions focus on skills and techniques to support mental wellbeing, using a CBT framework of evidence-based approaches. Sessions can be delivered didactically in a ‘taught’ format, or as a more discussion-based exploration of helpful strategies, depending on group size and group goals.

Generally, although not exclusively, content will include:

  • Components of wellbeing conversations; how to begin difficult conversations and what are the key aspects of a helpful dialogue
  • Identifying stress and the importance of balancing our stress hormones to achieve without burnout
  • Daily stress reduction practices and practical, accessible strategies to improve overall wellbeing
  • Increased awareness of the relationships between our thoughts, behaviours, actions and feelings (CBT principles in practice)
  • sources of further learning and information pack of resources.

Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

For individuals in a helping role within their organisation, informally or in a formal supporting capacity to peers, colleagues or clients, this workshop examines the key principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and explains how to implement these in practical terms. 

Focusing on common difficulties rather than specific illnesses, the intention is to provide basic CBT training not to be applied in a clinical setting rather to up-skill and enhance your existing skills as a helper. 

You will not be expected to share your own experiences although such a group learning programme is made far richer by participant interaction and contribution. Facilitators will ensure that the workshop is boundaried and follows an agreed agenda so that participants feel comfortable and welcome. 

Facilitators of these workshops are fully accredited CBT Therapists with significant clinical experience as well as experience providing training programmes.

A certificate of completion is provided for those requiring to evidence attendance.