Sustainability, values and ethics

the internal compass that guides our business

What we do matters

First and foremost, we wouldn’t ask our clients to do anything that we wouldn’t do – indeed, anything that we haven’t done – ourselves. We realise the importance of ‘walking the walk’   not just ‘talking the talk’. And we also know through our own experiences, that change isn’t instant, nor is it a one-size-fits-all solution. So we promise to work with you, on what matters to you… and if we aren’t the right people to support you on that journey, we can sign-post you to alternative sources of support. 

We are also proud of the feedback we receive, which endorses our aim to match your own commitment to change – we work as hard as you do, and are driven by passion not profits. 

As fully-accredited members of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy (BABCP) we practice within robust regulations and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics that ensure you receive a professional and evidence-based quality of care.                                 Details of this can be obtained here.

However, we are more than our jobs, as are you.

We meet you as our peers not our patients, and we recognise that suffering is part of the human experience; we don’t sit with you as gurus or false role models, we sit alongside you to help you on your personal journey.


Ethics and Values beyond the therapy room

We work hard, and take pride in this work – however, we are more than our jobs, as are you.

We want to be a part of the growing movement that drives business as a source for good rather than business purely for profit. We are working hard towards certification as a             B-Corporation which is about being transparent, accountable, aspiring to do no harm to either the environment or the people that we serve. It’s a framework that makes our mission statement come alive, be purposeful and be part of a bigger global economy that puts responsibility at the heart of business decisions. Not always easy, but a fine aim indeed!