Our Therapists
We specialise in providing accessible, affordable and flexible support so that you can better manage your emotional health. We offer to a range of evidence-based psychological therapies tailored to your needs and specific treatment goals.
Fees, Ethics, Approach
We understand that therapy is an investment. Our intention is to provide as much support as the session will allow, recognising that appointments are booked one at a time, as suits your needs. We provide a free initial phone consultation prior to booking a first appointment, to ensure that both parties feel confident that our services will be helpful. Fees for individual sessions are to be paid in advance; we ask that payment is made prior to a first appointment, by bank transfer or cheque. If you have to cancel this first appointment for any reason, we will arrange a suitable alternative date with you. Fees for a first appointment are non-refundable. Subsequent sessions can be paid by bank transfer or by card payment on the premises, prior to your appointment beginning. Please note, we do not accept cash payment on the premises. CBT appointments (CBT / ACT / Coaching) last for 50 minutes (please allow one hour for any paperwork to be completed) and cost £50 per session. Single-Session Intensive CBT package £85 (all inclusive) Mindfully Reducing Stress package £150 payable in instalments reACTions Pain Management package £225 payable in instalments Mental Health Mentoring is often funded through the student funding bodies, however privately-funded sessions are available; please contact us to discuss this further as there is a sliding fee structure depending upon your individual circumstances.