Our Therapists
We specialise in providing accessible, affordable and flexible support so that you can better manage your emotional health. We offer to a range of evidence-based psychological therapies tailored to your needs and specific treatment goals.
Affiliated Therapists
Dr Hannah Welstead is a medical psychodynamic psychotherapist working with adults (anyone over the age of 18). She aims to help individuals who are experiencing emotional and relationship difficulties, or unhelpful patterns of thinking or behaviour, by working together to develop personal insight into these issues. The psychodynamic approach is non-directive, allowing you to talk about anything that comes to mind. The aim is to develop an understanding of the deeper mechanisms underlying your difficulties (including unconscious mechanisms) by bringing them to the surface. Dr Welstead is registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council and provides a confidential, considerate and respectful space to explore the issues you’d like to bring. There may be a specific matter you’d like to focus on over a set number of sessions, or your scope can be broader and sessions can be open-ended. Dr Welstead offers a free initial phone consultation during which you can discuss what you are looking for. From there you can choose whether to organise a more in-depth consultation (usually over one or two sessions, up to 90mn per session) in person or via video-link. Thereafter, treatment sessions are weekly (unless agreed otherwise) and last 50min. To organise an initial phone consultation, please email Dr Welstead on hannahwelstead@protonmail.com or call her on 01852370112 leaving a voice message with your contact details.