Support for Learners

Emotional support and mentoring for individuals struggling to maintain their studies

Mental Health Mentoring provides support to students with mental health problems that impact upon their ability to study, 

Individuals are usually studying at further education or higher education level, be it at a local institution or by distance learning. Input is practical and tailored to individuals’ needs, offering a range of coping strategies and tools to help students maximise their potential and fulfil their goals.

How does this work?

Typically learners are awarded funding that they allocate to our service, so that input is not directly charged to the learner. This funding comes from SAAS or the institution you are studying with; you are advised to speak with your Disability Advisor to see if you are eligible, in which case you will then be assessed to determine the type of support available.

Once funding is in place, we meet with you (in whatever format you prefer) to discuss what we can help you with; the aim is to increase understanding about your mental health, promote self-management skills, and provide a practical study skills framework. It is a coaching and mentoring model that utilises Cognitive Behavioural Therapy interventions, rather than a specific treatment for mental illness. Sessions are typically weekly, and content is adapted to your programme of study.

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“Meaningful student support” – learners tell us so, and return to our service year after year

For advice and guidance on funding for mentoring (plus other non-medical helper allowance and specialist equipment) see the following link:

Help if you’re a student with a learning difficulty, health problem or disability – GOV.UK (