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Mindfully Reducing Stress (starter pack) (MBSR)
Mindfulness has gained in popularity and accessibility over recent years and as a set of skills, it has credibility in both clinical settings and as a tool for overall well-being. However, it can still be misconstrued as a religious practice or something that you need to begin with a sense of serenity and composure. This is simply not the case. In fact, simply put, mindfulness is about the skill in returning our awareness to what is in the present moment… not getting so tangled up with our thoughts about what was, or what might be. Just being present with what is, now, without any judgement of good or bad… Sounds easy, right? If only! The mind is a busy place, and life can be frantic; this starter pack is designed to introduce you to the basic practices of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and stress reduction techniques. Practical, no-nonsense, no mystery. Delivered by trained teachers but also making use of the wealth of resources that already exist and are free to use, this package includes four appointments spread across five weeks, giving you an introduction to the essential components of mindfulness plus a resource pack to support you in your ongoing practice.
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