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Getting started…

Beginning your path towards better mental health can feel like a relief, but it can also feel a little daunting.  We aim to make you feel at ease, listened to and supported, and we provide information to help you prepare for your appointment. 

You will be asked to complete several brief questionnaires to measure your symptoms, and these are useful to track progress and identify the ‘stuck’ elements of the overall problem.  

A first session is typically a mapping process, exploring what the problem is, how it is maintained, and where it may be helpful to apply CBT techniques. 

We will provide you with resources to implement changes, with follow-up to see how things are going. We do not chase you to arrange another session; our ‘one-at-a-time’ approach means that we try to make each session as useful as possible and it is your decision to opt-in for further sessions. However please be aware that CBT is not typically a one-off intervention and where issues have been prevalent for some time, it is unlikely that a single appointment will result in lasting change. 

Where we are…

Our CBT Therapy Clinic

Oban CBT Clinic is based within the Holding Space, a purposefully designed space that hosts a range of practitioners and training providers. The venue is discrete and you are advised to refer to the map below to see our location; we purposefully do not utilise large signage and adverts.


Oban CBT

Find us at:

Alliance House
1A George Street
PA34 5RX