We specialise in providing accessible, affordable and flexible support so that you can better manage your emotional health. We offer to a range of evidence-based psychological therapies tailored to your needs and specific treatment goals.
Single Session Intensive CBT (SSI-CBT)
Single-Session Intensive CBT aims to provide a focused & specific intervention to enable you to plan changes to improve how you feel. It is an active and directive, problem-focused approach, using established CBT techniques and therapeutic methods. Single-session is not single-contact; you will be supported to identify useful therapy goals, and after the intensive CBT session (90 mins), you will be supported to implement the changes identified as likely to be most helpful.

Clients need to be motivated to make best use of the consultation time, and

be willing to implement changes; it is what happens after the session that

makes the real difference - walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

SSI-CBT works well if you are stressed or feel stuck in a rut, or perhaps you are

struggling to adapt to different circumstances, or maybe there is a disconnect

between how you live your life and what your goals and values are.

What to expect… Based upon an initial profile discussion, an appointment will be arranged to suit you during which we will provide techniques, materials and resources to enable you to begin the change process. After this face-to-face (or virtual) appointment, you will then be supported by telephone and/or email to help you to apply the CBT techniques discussed. Follow-up is scheduled and included as part of this package to ensure that you get the most from the session.
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